Unlimited applications of Smart ® Band clamping system:
  • Mining
  • Plumbing and Irrigation
  • Air Condition ducting
  •  Street signs fitting
  • Construction
  • Cathodic Protection — fitting anodes/electrodes
  • Piggyback — attaching one pipe on top of another
  • Sensor attachment
  • Pipe repairs
  • Buoyancy/flotation devices
  • Fish/Prawn Farms
  • Drilling
  • Solar panels
  • Mesh Wrap
  • Bundling Cables together
  • Power Poles
  • All around repairs
Basically anywhere steel strap is used in corrosive environments. Not only because of the non corrosive features, but also safer to handle (no sharp edges), won’t cut through the cable, and also the elastic qualities of Smart Band.
Also the speed and ease of fitting with our tools.